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Holistic Health and Fitness

Stronger Body. Stronger Mind. Stronger Fitness.
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No gym memberships here! Just a customized plan of attack to get the health you need and the body you want.

Holistic Health Approach

At Stronger Fitness, Laurie focuses on the root cause of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. Versed in plant-based therapies and holistic health practices, Laurie can help you manage your health concerns safely and naturally.

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Changed My Life!

It’s not often you meet a person who has the ability to alter the way you live your life on a day in and day out basis. Laurie what you have done for my wife and I is evident in itself that healthy eating habits and daily workouts are all that are needed to maintain a strong lifestyle that is required in the life her and I live. We both work in high stress occupations and me personally before I met you I was not holding up my end of the bargain to Tamara. I was way over weight, out of shape, and in no way healthy for my age. I couldn’t see it for myself and I created bad habits that I could not break without a swift kick in the ass and a heavy dose of reality that if things did not change I might not be around for long. How am I supposed to raise kids when I can’t even go one round of laundry without sweating like a bad liar in court? I could and in some instances would go on and on, but just know that Tamara and I are forever grateful for knowing you professionally and personally. Thank you. Respectfully,

Wade Sampson

Feeling better all around...

Laurie has not only kicked my butt into gear to become stronger person, she has also helped reduce my anxiety levels with the aid of natural oils and supplements. She works with you individually and perfects your form, which I personally was not getting with previous group exercise classes. Her classes along with her PT sessions are fun and engaging. I highly recommend anyone to use Stronger Fitness.

Meredith Beyer

Progress, not perfection

Laurie has been my trainer for almost 6 months. When I first found Stronger Fitness, I was very apprehensive and nervous – I have been overweight for years and really lacked the confidence to change my habits. 

When I first met Laurie she took the time to hear my concerns but she quickly turned the concerns into goals. The confidence I lacked (and still do) she bounces back with positive encouragement. Laurie not only has allowed me to build my personal confidence but has also fashioned workouts that push my personal limits.

A large part of my motivation to continue to see Laurie as a personal trainer is because I know I can rely on her to push me when I feel like I am holding myself back. I know she has my best interest at heart and she sincerely wants me to succeed. I really believe that Laurie saved me from me: she has opened my eyes to a better version of myself when I really needed to see the good that I can accomplish with dedication and confidence. 

 “Progress, not perfection” is her motto and she reassures me every meeting that I am closer to my goals and to not be so hard on myself. I honestly never had someone so dedicated to cheer me on – even on the hardest days I leave feeling good about myself. 

I am far from my goals but the path is not as long as it once was. I look forward to progressing with Laurie as my trainer and embracing the lifestyle changes she has brought into my life. 

Emily R

Cancer Support

Laurie is a gifted and dedicated holistic practitioner. Words cannot begin to describe all she has done to help heal and support my mom on her journey recovering from cancer. From the time I called her to inquire about her services to the time we got the “all clear”, Laurie has been right there with her loving support and recommendations for diet, exercise, alternative herbs, oils and more and even in conjunction with traditional medicine if the client chooses that path.

When deciding what choices to make during challenging times in the process, Laurie has always been super grounded and helpful and goes above and beyond when it comes to her services. Both my mom and I would highly recommend Laurie to anybody considering receiving healing support from a caring practitioner. ❤️

Kim Erickson

Individual PT

Online and In-Person

Get a customized plan just for you!
All personal training clients get nutritional guidance and a customized workout plan based on lifestyle, habits, and medical conditions.

Small-Group PT

Online and in-person.

A customized plan for small groups. A great way to work out with family, friends, or coworkers. Nutritional guidance is included.

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Online and in-person.

Not your average Boot-Camp Class! Modified for all ages and ranges of fitness levels. Normally less than 10 people per class, and about 30-45 minutes in duration.

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Holistic Health Consulting

Online and in-person.

Customized plans for plant-based therapies, Custom Supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine and removing chemicals/toxins from your home, diet, and body.

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