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Meet Laurie Alves, Owner of Stronger Fitness LLC.

Stronger Fitness was born out of a passion to bring clients the best available personal training programs at a price that is affordable to everyone.

Offering a different approach to health and fitness, a chemical free studio, customized plant-based therapies, and nutritional guidance customized for your unique lifestyle and needs, I operate knowing that, no matter how hard you’re hitting the gym, your fitness goals are affected by what you are putting in and on your body.

I am certified as a Personal Trainer with the National Council on Strength and Fitness, a Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and an Essential Oil Coach with the Essential Oil Institute.

Whatever your needs, medical conditions, or time-constraints, schedule a free consultation to see what you may or may not need to do, and how to do it. If you just don’t know how to get started on a holistic path, I would be honored to help you on this journey to better health and fitness.

Get the body you want while getting the health you need.

Charlotte fitness progress


Charlotte’s one year of progress – Over 25lbs of FAT gone, BMI dropped over 13% and 17 inches lost! Not only did she lose fat and inches, but Charlotte is now off of Zoloft, which she was taking for anxiety. She has been supplementing with our Stress Blend instead.

John weight loss


John is a long time client. When he started, his BMI was 24%; now his BMI is 18%. He also lost over 15 lbs of fat, gaining 10 lbs of lean mass!

Lisa muscle growth


In 8 months Lisa’s BMI went from 32.97% to 15.86%. That is over a 17% loss! She lost over 34lbs of fat, and more than 23.75 inches!

Stacey fitness progress


Stacey has lost 8.64%BMI, 23 lbs of fat, and over 7 inches total. She struggles with migraines, anxiety and depression, so she supplements with our Stress blend, custom magnesium blend and diffuser blends.

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