Holistic personal training

Personal Training: Online or In-Person

Personal training with Stonger Fitness starts with fitness assessments and goal setting. Laurie will perform measurements and provide you with a body mass index. Laurie will also test your muscular endurance, flexibility, posture, and balance.

This will allow us to detect any areas of weakness or imbalance which we may need to work on correcting for you.  We make sure to build a strong foundation wherever YOUR body is at and we build on strength from there.

Once your current level of fitness has been assessed, Laurie will work with you to set your fitness goals and begin achieving the body, health and wellness you desire by overcoming any obstacles that are holding you back. All personal training clients have access to nutritional guidance, and private boards full of recipes. You will also learn how to prep and plan meals. You’ll have a wealth of healthy ideas at their fingertips!

Stronger Fitness bootcamp

Boot Camp: Online or In-Person

At Stronger Fitness, we believe that fitness should be fun, which is why we strive to deliver powerful and exciting workouts that know how to get your body moving. Whether your focus is on weight loss, strength training, or just getting in your day’s worth of exercise, Stronger Fitness has you covered every step of the way. This 30-45 minute class is full of functional movements and high-intensity exercises.

Holistic Health Consulting
Online or In-Person

At Stronger Fitness, we believe in being healthy inside and out, in every aspect. Laurie’s approach to training takes the whole person into account, mind and body. We focus on cultivating healthy habits that will help you maintain optimal physical condition for years to come.

Laurie employs several holistic techniques, such as Essential oils, Herbal therapies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Customized Supplements, and de-toxification of yourself and your environment.

holistic health supplements

Get the body you want while getting the health you need.

Custom beauty and health products

Custom Products

The sky is the limit! We offer numerous health and beauty products customized to your needs.

nuleaf products

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil

All organic from theraputic hemp plants, potent, and pure!
2.4 mg per drop!

Available in 5ml and up to 100ml
10% – 30% off retail price.

Stronger Fitness Stress Blend

Stress Blend

Our most popular supplement! It helps with things like stress, anxiety, metabolism, blood sugar, mood, blood pressure and so much more. All organic Ashwagandha, L-Theanine  and Tyrosine. No fillers EVER.

Adrenal Repair blend

Adrenal Repair Blend

This popular blend works great before bed, helping repair adrenals, and promoting restful sleep. Contains things like Holy Basil, Magnolia Bark, Vitamin C, and so much more!

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